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As much as we all love facebook, it's nice to have a little place to put some more detail into our activities and posts!
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11th October!

Hi All!

I'm still in shock over the programme last night! I was really nervous and it's great seeing everything I had been working for pan out!

Just a quick one to say a big thanks to all those in my support network, for all their help during these last couple of months!

All I can really say is that I'm excited for new things for the future!

Christina @ RococcoSculptures

30th September

Hi Guys and Girls!

Autumn is around the corner and I'm so happy with all the exciting projects and activities I've been working on. More than a couple of weeks ago we attend the Sheffield Botanical Garden, Art in the Park event, and it was a fabulous weekend where I met lots of talent artists!

The final adaptations to my waterfeature had been made including those butterflies I'd uploaded. I'm also pleased to announce that the programme I have been featured in The Wonderful World of Crafting will be on TV on the 10th of October at 8pm! I really hope you tune in and find out more about my work and myself!

Anyway! On to the future!



15th August

Hello Lovely's!

Summer is driving me into the garden more often than I'd care to admit. But, it's given me great inspiration to design and make a water feature.

As you've probabaly seen if you've been over to our social media we went to the Penrith Art and Craft Market at Lowther Castle and had a ball showcasing our first water feature!

Now I must admit this was probably the most challenging but rewarding artwork that I've made!

It took countless weeks drawing and designing the water feature and even longer actually hand to hand making it. 

So the waterfeature is hand sculpted, hand painted and hand assembled. I wanted to create a three tiered water feature that allowed the water to cascade down into a larger bowl at the bottom.

I must say the finished product is amazing and the feedback and interest following the show has been really positive.

I'm currently making butterflies to sit on the water feature!

I'll upload the video of it in action too!

Catch you later!

Christina @ Rococco Sculptures.

30th April

Hi All!

With Easter done and dusted its time to redecorate the showroom. Now if you lived in the UK over this Easter you would have also had the same feelings as me in being shocked to have a Bank holiday weekend that it didn't rain!
As such the theme for the showroom has been changed to celebrate the Summer and in particular the beach. 

I visualised sun kissed beaches, water-washed wood, polished shells and airy spaces.
I bought beach themed wall coverings, and blue and white spray paint.

I spray painted this mirror and etched out virbrant using twigs. 

Floral arrangement
This was a combination of white beach and pastel blue spray paint. I utilised indiviually wired pearls and silk flowers.
You can see this on our facebook page or on instagram!

Artwork Selected.
I selected the artwork based on the seascape themes. 
You can see this on our facebook page or on instagram!

Activities I do
I also put up a wooden post that has the list of activites that are available from me!
You can see this on our facebook page or on instagram!

More to come!

Christina @ Rococco Sculptures.


Easter 2019 - 20th April 

Hi All!

This Easter we've had a great time enjoying all the sunshine and the hot cross buns. 

It's a exciting time having this showroom, and being able to decorate according to these holidays and seasons.

In the showroom we displayed the art piece "Emptied", which is an artistic development of the traditional Easter Cross. Pictures of this are available on facebook. I'll upload the images and the information on here on how I was inspired to create this. 

I also did a floral decoration in the showroom, and I am available for flower arranging tuition, for individuals or groups.

I have to admit I spent alot of time in the garden attending to my own flowers in the sunshine. Best to make use of it while we've got it eh? I'll be adding images of my house and garden that I hope will give you inspiration for your own decorative excursions.

Have a Happy Easter! I'll be updating the showroom next week for the new season. See you soon!

Christina @ Rococco Sculptures.


Worksop, UK